Lighting Test: Alice, Esmond, Faust

Enigmarella Art Screen Test. Visual Novel art testing light system and character illumination. Esmond (left) Alice (Center) and Faust (Right)

Testing the lighting of characters as well as lighting system. Our hero Alice (Center) posing with Esmond Welles (Left) and Lord Faust Gherrling (Right). Who will she choose?

Old expressions study

While dusting old files, we found this old mounting of expressions for testing characters. It can pass as an artpiece on itself maybe?

From sketches to assets

Our lovely girls, Nina, Alice, and Leah from their earliest sketches to their actual assets.

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Four proper ladies.

One of my favorite things about Enigmarella is the relationship between Alice, her friends from the orphanage (Nina to the left, and Leah to the right) and the headmistress, Roslyn Lantier (lady in a red dress). Together, and despite their different personalities, these four have managed to become a family of sorts. Nina, the wiser and most reliable of them all. Alice, the reckless troublemaker. Leah, the dreamer and hopeless romantic. And, Lantier, who has become some sort of mother figure not only to this ragtag trio, but also to all the orphaned girls in her care.

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A moment by the shore…

A small excerpt from Enigmarella:

We kissed again, and my entire body tingled as his tongue slid gently into my mouth, slowly entangling itself with my own. He urged me forward and back, coaxing my starving body down against the sand. I shuddered, feeling the sensation of warmth as his hands traveled up from my waist to the front of my uniform.

That night, the night of my birthday, underneath the starry sky, this gorgeous sailor kissed me and touched me like no one else had ever done before.

In his arms, I lost track of time. My naked flesh grew immune to the biting cold. All that mattered, all that I could feel, were his lips and his hands all over me. The ecstatic feeling of his inner voltage sheltering us like a blanket.

Alice assets preview

Hotheaded, emotional, and fearless, Alice’s mood changes like the tides that surround the island of Nova Corsa

Alice in all her versions.

Through all the years we’ve been working in this game, we’ve created several versions of our beloved Alice. Here we have one of her first ballpoint pen sketches, a look of her final asset, an amigurumi plushie, and a ooak customized doll.

Meet our love interests!

Among the havoc of her arranged marriage, and the secrets behind her father’s murder, Alice may find her one true love, will it be with the unpredictable Lord Gherrling, or the tormented actor, Esmond Welles?

Meet Our Heroine!

Set in a steampunk universe, Enigmarella is the story of Alice Rahner, an orphan, whose life takes an unexpected turn when she is forced into an arranged marriage.

With multiple paths, and endings -where choices really make a huge difference- Enigmarella is also a tale about friendship, romance, fate, mystery, murder, and some strange medical experiments.